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Some highlights of our journey so far


We initiated and partnered with the Berkshire Black Economic Council for the 2020 SUCC3A ID3A Jam.
The ID3A Jam was designed to create a holistic, collaborative framework for Berkshire Black businesses, community leaders, and the larger Berkshire County community.

We partnered with the Blackshires Community Empowerment Foundation to launch the first pilot of the EL3VATE Community Empowerment Platform

Then COVID Struck...

Woman in Brown Dress Holding White Plastic Bottle Painting

With lockdowns starting on the day of our event, we reorganized 120+ person SUCC3SS ID3A Jam into 6 online events

We launched the first online group for entrepreneurs based in Berkshire County, MA.

We partnered with EforAll to help 60+ local entrepreneurs survive the transition to online only business during the initial phases of the COVID-19 lockdowns

We kept jamming...

We worked with the Association of Black Business Professionals of Springfield to design a better way for anchor institutions to do business with minority entrepreneurs

We worked with Roots Rising to help them define their new community farm

We facilitated a leadership program...

We helped cultivate the power, connection, and purpose of the group, and introduced them to a network of community organizations

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